Event Title Year Month Series Rarity SSR #1 SSR #2 SSR #3 SSR #4 SR #1 SR #2 SR #3 R #1 R #2
Prelude of the Festival of Desire (WestFes) 2019 December Preludes Perm Shylock Rustica Chloe Murr Shino Heathcliff N/A Nero Faust
Prelude of the Festival of Justice (CentralFes) 2019 December Preludes Perm Arthur Cain Riquet Oz Rutile Mitile NA Lennox Figaro
Prelude of the Festival of Miracles (EastFes)) 2020 January Preludes Perm Faust Heathcliff Nero Shino Owen White N/A Snow Mithra Bradley
Prelude of the Festival of Endearment (SouthFes) 2020 January Preludes Perm Rutile Lennox Mitile Figaro Shylock Chloe N/A Murr Rustica N/A
Prelude of the Festival of Pride (NorthFes) 2020 January Preludes Perm Snow White Owen Bradley Mithra Cain Riquet Oz Arthur
Chocolaterie of the Moonlit Castle 2020 Febuary Valentines Limited Shylock Oz Faust NA White Snow Figaro Mitile Shino N/A
Etude of the Mischievous Mask (WestEtude) 2020 March Etude Rarity Chloe Murr Rustica N/A Mitile Rutile Lennox Figaro Shylock
Confiserie of the Castle of Dreams 2020 March White Day Limited Heathcliff Riquet Nero Oz Bradley Cain Owen Lennox
Youth and the Nostalgia of the Flurry of Petals 2020 April April Fools Limited Arthur Mithra Rutile Shino Faust Murr Cain Nero Cock Robin
Etude of the Solitary Bandit (NorthEtude) 2020 April Etude Perm Bradley Snow White Rustica Owen Shylock Mithra Chloe
Magical Enchantment of the Ephemeral Night 2020 May Walpurgis Limited Figaro Murr Chloe Lennox Heathcliff Mitile Riquet Owen
Etude of the Sacred Sword 2020 May Etude Perm Riquet Oz Arthur Faust Cain Nero Heathcliff Shino
True Love for the Blossoming Forest 2020 June June Bride Limited Cain Shino Shylock Owen Arthur Murr Rustica Chloe
Etude of the Frog Taking Shelter From the Rain 2020 June Etude Perm Lennox Rutile Mitile Mithra Figaro Bradley Snow White
Memoir of the Starry Sky 2020 July Tanabata Limited Snow Bradley Arthur Riquet Nero Shylock Faust Oz
Etude of the Melancholic Sunflower 2020 July Etude Perm Nero Shino Faust Figaro Heathcliff Lennox Rutile Mitile
Ballad of the Innocent Weaver Girl 2020 August Ballad Perm Owen Mithra Heathcliff Snow Shino Faust White Bradley Nero
Gift of Summer Vacation 2020 August Summer Limited Rustica Figaro Lennox Chloe Riquet Mithra Bradley Rutile
Ballad of the Dreaming Pilot 2020 September Ballad Perm Murr Shylock Chloe Arthur Rustica Oz Cain Riquet
Tea Party of Fragrant Memories 2020 September Misc Limited White Shino Mitile Rutile Oz Cain Snow Murr
Ballad of the Dog Tamer's Prayer 2020 October Ballad Perm Oz Cain Riquet Murr Arthur Chloe Rustica Shylock
Waltz of the Black Cat 2020 October Halloween Limited Mithra Owen Faust Nero White Rustica Arthur Heathcliff
Ballad of the Gallant Pioneer 2020 November Ballad Perm Rutile Figaro Lennox Bradley Mithra Snow White Owen Mitile
Ballad of the Prideful Hunter 2020 December Ballad Perm Shino Heathcliff Nero Faust Figaro Mitile Lennox Rutile
Present of the Snowy Town 2020 December Christmas Limited Mithra Oz White Chloe Cain Nero Riquet Arthur
A Wish Upon the Bell of Happiness 2021 January Crossover Limited Arthur Owen Mitile Shino Shylock Heathcliff Oz Lennox
Concerto of Revelry with the Musicians 2021 January Concerto Perm Rustica Shylock Murr White Snow Owen Chloe Mithra Bradley
Chocolates and the Magic Blue Bird 2021 Febuary Valentines Limited Chloe Cain Heathcliff Bradley Arthur Rutile White Riquet
Concerto of Farewell with Schoolchildren 2021 Febuary Concerto Perm Mitile Rutile Figaro Riquet Lennox Oz Arthur Cain
Banquet of Reunions and Old Paths 2021 March White Day Limited Lennox Murr Oz Shylock Faust Mithra Shino White
Concerto of the Lonely Moonlit Night with the Curseworker 2021 March Concerto Perm Faust Shino Nero Heathcliff Murr Rustica Shylock Chloe
Paradox-Roid 2021 April April Fools Limited Owen Rustica Cain Figaro Bradley Chloe Heathcliff Snow
Beckoning Spring to the Party of the Skies 2021 April Walpurgis Limited Rutile Shylock Nero Mitile Rustica Snow Chloe Cain
Concerto of Frostmelt with the Fortunetellers 2021 May Concerto Perm Snow Mithra Bradley White Rutile Figaro Owen Mitile Lennox
Lorelei's Tears Melt into the Lake 2021 June June Bride Limited Bradley Mithra Nero Snow Chloe White Rutile Arthur
Concerto of the Knight and Loyalty 2021 June Concerto Perm Cain Arthur Riquet Oz Shino Heathcliff Faust Nero
The Stellar Night of the Overflowing Dream 2021 July Tanabata Limited Faust White Mitile Owen Rustica Shino Nero Shylock
Rhapsody of the Yearning Seaside Town 2021 July Rhapsody Perm Shylock Murr Chloe Rustica Mitile Rutile Lennox Figaro
Rhapsody of the Bridge of Shooting Stars 2021 August Rhapsody Perm Arthur Oz Snow Cain Riquet Mithra Bradley White Owen
Campeggio of the Sleepless Night 2021 August Summer Limited Nero Heathcliff Shino Lennox Rutile Mitile Murr Figaro
Rhapsody of the Snowy Town where Prayers Bloom 2021 September Rhapsody Perm White Owen Mithra Murr Shylock Chloe Bradley Rustica Snow
A Guiding Light for Those Lost in the Night 2021 September Misc Limited Riquet Snow Chloe Mithra Oz Owen Shylock Faust
Rhapsody of the Clinic where Flowers Take Root 2021 October Rhapsody Perm Figaro Lennox Mitile Rutile Nero Faust Shino Heathcliff
Up To No Good Under the New Moon 2021 October Halloween Limited Murr Bradley Rutile Arthur Riquet Figaro Mithra Mitile
Rhapsody of the Greenhouse of Smiles and Sunset 2021 November Rhapsody Perm Heathcliff Cain Faust Nero Arthur Shino Riquet Oz
A Curious Fairytale and Candy 2021 December Misc. Perm Owen Shino Rustica Heathcliff White Bradley Cain Murr
Pere Noel of the Glittering Skies 2021 December Christmas Perm Mitile Riquet Chloe Figaro Shylock Rutile Faust Lennox
The Chalk Castle's Legendary Awakening 2022 January Misc. Limited Oz Snow Shylock Cain Shino Lennox Arthur Owen
The Hand Which the Chocolate Queen Takes 2022 Febuary Valentines Limited Murr Arthur Lennox Rustica Nero Oz Shylock Heathcliff
Fantasia of the Silver-biding House of Eggs 2022 Febuary Fantasia Perm Nero Heathcliff Bradley White Owen Faust Snow Mithra Shino
Regalo of Blessings and The Glass Tower 2022 March White Day Limited Snow White Figaro Bradley Arthur Heathcliff Rustica Mitile
Fantasia of the Inn Sleeping with Obsession 2022 March Fantasia Perm Mithra Owen Rutile Mitile Snow Figaro Lennox White Bradley
Gekka Youi-tan April 2022 April Fools Limited Faust Oz Riquet Shylock Lennox Mitile White Figaro
Flor of the Crybaby Bunny and Hat 2022 April Misc Perm Rutile Mitile White Arthur Snow Murr Mithra Riquet
Tesoro of the Feast Revered in Gelignite 2022 April Walpurgis Limited Bradley Cain Shino Owen White Mithra Figaro Snow
Savoring this Flower Shower Together with your Cheri 2022 June June Bride Limited Heathcliff Nero Faust Lennox Riquet Bradley Shino Cain
Fantasia of the Dream-Protecting Acrobat 2022 June Fantasia Perm Chloe Shylock Rustica Riquet Cain Murr Oz Arthur
Wish on the Star-Filled Sea 2022 July Tanabata Limited Figaro Murr Lennox Rutile Oz Mithra Owen Rustica
Songs of Heroes in the Oasis of Scorching Sand 2022 July Summer Limited Cain Owen White Murr Shino Rustica Chloe Mithra
Lago of Drifting Dreams and Destiny 2022 August Misc Perm Snow Mithra Arthur Nero Faust Chloe Bradley White
Lie to Me Sweetly Beneath the Leaves 2022 August Misc Perm Riquet Nero Rutile Mithra Owen Figaro Mitile Chloe
Let Your Feelings Age with Wine 2022 September Misc Perm Shylock Murr Bradley Faust Arthur Nero Rutile Oz
Renaissance of the Muses for the Maestro 2022 October Misc Limited Rustica Mithra Mitile Snow Heathcliff Chloe Riquet Rutile
Fantasia of the Bookstore that Tallies Tracks and Paths 2022 October Fantasia Perm Arthur Oz Cain Chloe Riquet Rustica Murr Shylock
Lumiere of Our Bond Illuminating Darkness 2022 October Halloween Limited Shino Heathcliff Chloe Oz Cain Shylock Nero Faust
Fantasia of the Artisan of Yore 2022 November Fantasia Perm Lennox Faust Figaro Shino Rutile Mitile Heathcliff Nero
Let the End of Winter Ring with Our Love 2022 December Christmas Perm Rustica Snow Nero Owen Murr Lennox Rutile Mithra
The Winged Beast and the Caulis of Pride 2023 January Caulis Limited Arthur Riquet Owen Lennox
A Wavering Heart and the Grotto of Truth 2023 Febuary Misc Perm Heathcliff Oz Mitile Bradley White Shino Arthur Nero
A Thrilling Taste of Love 2023 Febuary Valentines Limited Owen Rustica Figaro Shino Mithra Faust Nero Chloe
An Ospitalita Wreathed with Blue Roses 2023 March White Day Limited Shylock Mithra Shino Chloe Figaro Rutile Cain Murr
A Dream of Helio Upon the Glinting Blade 2023 March Misc Limited :( Cain Owen Chloe Lennox Oz Mitile Murr Faust
Sea Rover Squama 2023 April April Fools Limited Nero Bradley Murr White Snow Heathcliff Rustica Rutile
A Banquet to the Scarlet Blossom Stained by Darkness 2023 April Walpurgis Limited Oz Faust Heathcliff Arthur Riquet Murr Shino Lennox